Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ruff and Tumble 2 - Invasion of the Dog Eating Yetis

My last post reminds me that I haven't proclaimed from on high that the second book in the Ruff and Tumble series - Invasion of the Dog Eating Yetis - is now available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Christmas Fairs

I have now had a stall at two Christmas Fairs and have sold many unique gifts, if that isn't a contradition in terms:)

I think I could have sold more though, if I had Ruff and Tumble 2 and Tyger Pants in print.  I think I'll have to raid the piggy bank.  Either that or rob a bank...

I will be at the Donkey Sanctuary in Ivybridge on Saturday 7th December, so come and see me there.