Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Visit to Manor Primary School

To celebrate World Book Day, which takes place on 6th March, I visited Manor Primary School to talk about writing and reading.  This was the first talk I have given to a school about my writing.

I would like to express my thanks to the school for the opportunity to come and talk to the children.  As an author it is a great opportunity to come into contact with your audience, the people you are writing for.  It is inspirational to see such honest enthusiasm and open minds, something that most adults have long since lost.

The children were extremely well behaved, for which I thank them.  They also came up with some really good questions.  If they are anything like my boys though they will be saving up all their noise for home, where there is no recognised figure of authority in charge (except Albert, who normally puts everyone in their place - he'll be joining Manor in September).

I learnt an awful lot through my talk and I would like to reiterate my thanks to Manor. You've been a great guinea pig!

Walking the Dog

Walking With My Wobbly Willie

Walking with my wobbly willie
Round about the park
All the doggies in the place
Greet me with a bark
They like to sniff my willie
Wobbly thou he is
And my old wobbly willie
Thinks it is the biz
They hop and skip and dance about
Asking him to play
And my old wobbly willie
Hops about all day
He knows all the doggie tricks
Even sits and begs
And my old wobbly willie

Has only got three legs

Tyger Pants 2

Very excited: I have finished writing the first draft of Tyger Pants 2.  I have ordered a proof copy and will be reading through and editing once it arrives.

Friday, 31 January 2014


If writing becomes difficult I sometimes give my head a change by thinking up some rhymes.  Most of them are drivel but I have just added the better ones to my author website.  Here is an example:

Don’t Get Caught By The Ghoulies

Don’t go out in the dead of night
Unless you’re prepared to quake
For as the darkness smothers the light
Nasty things awake
Not badgers, stoats, moths and rats
Or even weasels or shrews
But ghosts, werewolves and vampire bats
Things that will make you poo

Ghosts emerging out of the ground
Will freeze your blood to ice
Werewolves leaping without a sound
Will bite and slash and slice
Vampire bats will suck at your throat
And drain your blood away
And beware the witch with midnight cloak
She’ll fill you with dismay

So dreadful things are waiting for you
If you go out at night
Things to scare you through and through
Phantoms, ghosts and wights
But whilst these things are really bad
And might give you the hoolies
Whatever else you do my lad

Don’t get caught by the ghoulies

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tyger Pants 2

I've started work on the second book in my Tyger Pants series.

Tyger has managed to get hold of his dad's Editor and has escaped into Fictonia, the library dimension. Unfortunately he dropped the Editor just before he zapped through so now he's stuck.  But all he has to do is rescue a princess so things should go smoothly...

If you want to see a sample chapter of the first book in the series click here and follow the link.

I'll post a link to the first chapter of the new book soon.