Thursday, 23 May 2013

I am just putting the final touches to a new book called Ruff and Tumble.

Whilst written to be accessible to a younger audience, ages 5-8, it has wider appeal.  Will even make an enjoyable, light hearted read for adults, in the same way that Winnie the Pooh does.

Ruff and Tumble are dogs with jobs:  as Pack Protectors they must keep invaders out of the Pack Lands.  This is mainly done by barking a lot.  But if something really horrible, like a Trolley of Trolls, comes banging on the door they attack with swords and battleaxes.

This is just what does happen, except it turns out to be a deliveryman.  But that is enough to get Ruff’s imagination working wildly.  He is soon mixing up all the things that happen to him in the day with the storyline of the book he is reading (The Goblin Horde).  He starts dreaming that he is Righteous Rufus, mighty Warrior and hero, who must stop the invasion of the Goblin Horde.

Unfortunately he then starts mixing his dreams back into real life.  His toys have gone missing and if he doesn’t get them back the Goblin Horde will invade the Pack Lands and murder everyone in their beds!

Tumble doesn’t want to believe in any of it.  After all, there are no such things as goblins.  But she slowly gets caught up in Ruff enthusiasm to the point where she is chasing goblins through the woods.

Ruff (Rufus) is a Scottish Terrier.  He is black and shaggy and gets overly excited.  He is also a little nervy.  He has far too much imagination for his own good and reads books which only fire him up more.  He tends to get a bit confused between real life and his dreams.

Tumble (Thumbelina) is a Pembrokeshire Corgi.  She describes the breed as, ‘an ancient, Welsh, wolf like breed, not overly tall, used for herding cattle, very graceful and beautiful.’  She thinks quite a lot of herself but is willing to get her paws dirty to do what is right.  She acts like Ruff’s older sister.

In fact Ruff and Tumble are very much like brother and sister: they tease each other, play tricks and banter a lot, but ultimately they look out for each other.

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