Sunday, 5 May 2013

Well, I've done it.  I have published my first children's book on Amazon - Tyger Pants.

Synopsis (what the story is about):

It’s National Take Your Kids to Work Day and Tyger Pants, a typical 9 year old boy, should be looking forward to a day off school. But unfortunately his dad isn't a cool fire fighter and his mum isn't a policewoman. His dad’s a librarian - DULL!

Dull that is until his dad is called away to an emergency meeting, leaving his uncharacteristically cool iRate3 phone lying on the desk. Tyger can’t help but fiddle…

But the phone is really a top secret Library Service Editor and before Tyger knows what’s happening he’s plunged into a terrifying fantasy world of werewolves, dragons and spell casting armadillos. Cretin the Cruel and his Werebeast Army are about to invade and, if he ever wants to get home again, it’s up to Tyger to stop them.

Where you can get it:

It's available at Amazon using these links (links for UK and USA but also available at other countries):


Kindle Edition - UK

Paperback Edition - UK


Kindle Edition - USA

Paperback Edition - USA

Free copies:

From time to time free Kindle copies will be available.  I will post on this blog when available.

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